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Working remotely? Leverage online communities

Updated: 19 Sept 2019

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Leverage online communities and always give more than you receive.

Why? How?

Remote work is the future of work - at least that’s what Silicon Valley seems to believe.

And why not? Working remotely gives you more flexibility, reduces commute time (which in turn give you more free time and reduces environmental pollution), and can make teams more efficient by reducing useless meetings.

But working remotely can be lonely.

After nearly two years of being a digital nomad, I miss the community that an office can provide.

One great alternative are online communities.

If you are working alone and/or remotely, leverage online communities. Start by giving more than you receive. Offer to help, give feedback, share other people’s work.

Connect with others 1:1 if you can, via Hangouts. Try to learn about their stories, keep each other accountable if you are working on projects, and share your best tips for handling challenges.

Here are two really great online communities that any woman working remotely should look into:

Of course, online communities don’t replace in-person ones.

But they sure can make digital nomadism less lonely.



Léa Oriol

I'm the CEO of Mivvy, a platform where women learn high-value skills from female experts. I'm a software engineer, product maker, and design geek. Let's connect.