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Learn to search, learn to learn

Updated: 18 Sept 2019

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The most important life skill is self-reliant learning. Learn to search and learn to learn. Then you can truly do anything.

Why? How?

It’s funny how school never teaches us self-learning.

Perhaps they fear that if we figured out how to teach ourselves anything, we wouldn’t go to school.

Regardless, learning how to learn is the single most important skill anyone should build.

Learning to learn, on one’s own, opens the door to nearly any job, any project, any dream.

Elon Musk taught himself enough rocket science to convince the world’s most respected scientists to work with him on SpaceX. Mark Zuckerberg, Ellen Desgeneres, and Nikola Tesla dropped out of college. And there are lots of no-CS degree engineers with awesome jobs (check out No CS Degree if you don’t believe me).

To teach yourself self-reliant learning is to give yourself the ability to do anything.

After teaching myself to build web apps, I think there are three interconnected steps:

The first is to define what you want to learn.

  • What is the end goal?
  • What do you want to be able to do?
  • Why are you eager to learn?

The second is to determine what to search. This one is particularly hard for me as a non-native English speaker (my search history is often really funny).

  • What should you be searching for?
  • Did other people already try to do what you want to do?

The third step is to use what you find. Put it into practice. Play with it to understand it.

Then repeat the process over and over again.

If you can find what you want to learn, search for it, and use it, you’ll be able to pick up any skills.



Léa Oriol

I'm the CEO of Mivvy, a platform where women learn high-value skills from female experts. I'm a software engineer, product maker, and design geek. Let's connect.