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To create great design, start by copying it

Updated: 16 Sept 2019

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To learn good design, start by copying it. To become more creative, start by replicating. Once you've built a foundation, then you can tweak, improve, and innovate.

Why? How?

Design can foster strong customer loyalty or turn customers away.

Good design creates a seamless customer experience. Not only is the product pleasing to the eyes (whether it is software or a coffee machine), but it is also intuitive and easy to use.

When you have an exceptional experience, you tell your friends. When your Nespresso machine turns red when the water level is low, you smile before refilling it.

So how can you use design to deepen customer loyalty and foster positive word-of-mouth?

I believe in learning by doing. I also believe in copying before innovating.

To start, copy the masters.

Pick a handful of successful companies that have good design. Then look at how they handle the user journey. How do they organize information? What happens if you make a mistake? Where are the buttons located?

By copying the companies that pour millions of dollars into design research, you learn best practices and build a solid foundation upon which you can add your unique ideas.

Once you’ve built a foundation, then you can innovate. “First learn the rules, then break them”, right?

Here are some of the websites that have inspired me when building Mivvy:

And of course, Dribbble designs.

Best of luck! And let me know how I can help.



Léa Oriol

I'm the CEO of Mivvy, a platform where women learn high-value skills from female experts. I'm a software engineer, product maker, and design geek. Let's connect.